Our Destinatons in Asia

Asia World has offices in 8 countries around South East Asia, ready to serve all your leisure and business needs. An overview of of each country we currently cover is as follows:

General Information

So numerous and varied are Thailand’s attractions that it is difficult to see them all in one visit. This is where ‘Asia World’ can assist you, with expert local information and on the ground planning to help you enjoy the perfect holiday. The highlights covered in this brochure include the beaches of Phuket and Samui; the mountains and hill-tribes of the north and the cultural, cosmopolitan capital of Bangkok.

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The Kingdom of Thailand covers an area of 514,000 square kilometers and lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, roughly equidistant between India and China. It shares borders with Myanmar to the west and north, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the south.

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Thailand has a tropical climate with three distinct seasons: hot (March through May with average temperature in the upper 90s°F / upper 30s°C), rainy (June through October with the temperature averaging in the 80s°F / upper 20s°C) and cool (November through February with average temperature in the 70s or low 80s°F / low 20s to high 20s°C).

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It would be easy to overload you with information on the marvellous shopping in Thailand, but we will present just a few highlights. Look for good bargains on the street or in some of the night markets - It is OK to bargain! Some of the good value wares Thailand is famous for include Ceramics; Silverware; Gemstones; Wooden antiques; Thai silk and tailored suits, but the list is endless. Your Asia World guide can provide more suggestions.

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Practical Information

Foreign currency and US Dollar traveler’s check can be exchanged for local currency at your hotel, banks and moneychangers. In general, you will get the best rate of exchange at banks and authorized money-changers, however the convenience of changing money in your hotel may be worth the slight loss.Unlike a few years ago, most taxicabs in Thailand are now metered and they are still relatively inexpensive by Western standards.

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  • His Majesty The King of Thailand is revered around the country, so please pay respect always to the Royal family.
  • It is polite in greeting a local Thai to ‘Wai’ (press your palms together with fingers pointing outwards) and head slightly bowed (in prayer-like fashion) instead of shaking hands.

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Thailand is a safe and wonderful destination but there are a few cautions which we would like to share with you.

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Thai Language

The Thai language is made up of 5 tones, so in effect a word sounding the same can have 5 different meanings.

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Festivals and Events in Thailand

The following is a summary of the major events and festivals during Thailand’s calendar year. These events are often spectacular occasions and can be great fun for tourists to visit, but they do also often result in hotels and becoming fully booked and some businesses close during these occasions, so these dates are worth bearing in mind when planning any holiday in Thailand.

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