Our Destinatons in Asia

Asia World has offices in 8 countries around South East Asia, ready to serve all your leisure and business needs. An overview of of each country we currently cover is as follows:

General Information

Myanmar (Burma) is a truly lush destination relatively untouched by tourism, offering a rare window into a less urbanized biodiverse landscape of Southeast Asia. Burma is expansive country, stretching from the sparkling islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range. Burma has a heritage dating back over two thousand years, and is home to over 135 different ethnic groups, a diversity that sometimes results in tension. After the First Burmese War, the Ava kingdo

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Myanmar, with an area of 678,000 km², is the largest mainland South East Asian country. It shares borders with Thailand, Laos and China along its east flank, and with India and Bagladesh on the north-west.

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Cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers (south-west monsoon, from June to September).

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Food & Drink

Burmese food is similar in style to neighbouring Indian and Chinese food, and can be very spicy and pungent.

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Myanmar is a great place to pick up bargains and good value souvenirs, and you can have a great and rewarding time shopping throughout the country. Myanmar is known for its high quality gemstones and jewellery, in particular sapphires, rubies and jade.

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